Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Days Paradise - Second Chapter

There's ocean beneath me now. I'm flying in the great metal bird toward the brithplace of a king. It's a fathomless blue at this height, a dark royal blue kissed while white as the breakers crest out in the sea. There is a whale breaching just below us, says the happy voice of the captain from the PA system.
There is no one sitting next to me, so I lean over to to see if I can catch a glimpse of the leviathan below. I can't.
I'm alone with my thoughts for this short jaunt to Kona. Only 55 minutes trapped inside the steel hull of the plane.
Will he be there waiting for me at the airport? Once I had gained control of my pounding heart and racing blood, I responded to the soul changing email. I raided a box buried in the closet. Buried under the past, buried under everything I am trying to forget. Until I found it. His smiling white teeth flashing against bronzed skin.
I responded.
Two simple words.
I'm coming.

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