Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Days Paradise - First Chapter

This story will be written over the course of ten days utilizing only the notes function on the Ipod or Iphone. This will be presented warts and all.
It is also available on Textnovel

The sun hasn't risen yet by the time I land in Honolulu. Walking in the dark between terminals, my bag heavy on my shoulder despite being almost empty, I look at the sky. It's that early morning pink, the same color of the underside belly of a freshly skinned salmon. In a few hours I'll be on kona. I have no idea what I'm doing, dressed in a cheap box store tee- shirt, oversized faded jeans and flip flops in Hawaii.
I'd been to the islands once before when I was 18. Firmly on the cusp of childhood and adult life, the wispy summer before high school grads make that all important jump to college, the islands had pulled me in for a jaunt that lasted a month. I'd boarded the plane bound for home back then without a backwards glance and set my life on the path I'd been treading ever since.
Hawaii never crossed my mind again in those 15 years...until a week ago.
The email was simple. Two words from an unknown address. Something burst in my head, a flash of intense longing and pain I'd thought I was having an anuyerisum.
I shot away from the computer, fear making my hands shake. It couldn't have been from him. It's been too long. He no longer kept me up at night with the constant replayed of shared memories. Until now. Two simple works sent me packing instantly.
Come Home

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