Monday, February 28, 2011

I've Received the Stylish Blogger Award

WooHoo!! I so totally rock, squirt!!

Now I have to tell you internet weirdos seven things about goes...

1. My favorite movie of all time is Moonstruck. I've been known to quote it ad nausem.

2. I have an addiction to Bollywood unhealthy addiction. Just saying.

3. I have a five octave range and use to be able to shatter glass with my opera voice. (Out of practice now)

4. I had a huge poster of Michael Keaton as Batman on my wall until I was about 14 when a shirtless Jordan Knight took over.

5. I want to live in the Hollywood Hills and write screenplays for the rest of my life. At some point in time I want to hear the words..."Seege Sheets beat Aaron Sorkin at the Oscars?!?!" hopefully with crying and wailing. It will rock.

6. I'm really short so I always wear really high heels whenever I go out. It's the old bait and switch with my feet.

7. I am a huge advocate for Gay Rights in my hometown. I'm straight but not narrow minded.

Thanks to The Laundry Hag herself the amazing Jennifer Hart for the award! Now, to pay it forward!


Jennifer L Hart said...

I freaking love Moonstruck! I see myself as the mother when I'm old an gray. "Your life is going down the toilet!"

When we get together at conference we so have to do a back and forth Q&A quote session!

Mwah, you are fabulous!

Writer Girl said...

You've got a love bite on your neck! Put on some makeup. Cover up that damn thing.

Olympia Dukais cracks me up!