Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shut up voice or I will poke you with a Q-tip

I have too many stories rolling around in my head. I am going insane because of it. Sitting at my computer to work is a difficult task right now because I’m not sure what to work on.
I have a running list of brainstorm ideas that is roughly three pages long. Anyone else have this issue?
If I was as prolific as my friend Saranna DeWylde, the Amazon goddess of doom, I most likely wouldn’t even think this was an issue. She can write 20K in a day. I can do about four when I have the time.
The Gods aren’t done. Pele isn’t done. Sam’s story is in pieces. I have six shorts started.
I’m a bad writer and planner.

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Jennifer L Hart said...

Stop that you are NOT a bad writer or planner. We all do this. Yes, even the goddess. I have wacky emails to prove it that I plan on selling to tabloids once she is rich and famous. My back up plan in case the whole writing career doesn't pan out.

Take advice from a pro flounder-er. Finish whatever is closest to done first. From here you can build up a head of steam to move on to the next one. It doesn't have to be perfect, just get to typing The End and you will rock out with your...
Well, you get the point.