Friday, July 09, 2010

Greek God story on Textnovel

So I recently discovered my newest WIP, Betting on a God, was chosen as an editor's choice.

Read, enjoy, do a little snoopy dance.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Reflections on the 4th

The night sky has been illuminated in fiery fashion. The cups of the American people have been filled once again with the sweet wine of patriotism.
Today we celebrate and come together as a nation to understand who we are as a country. When you look up into the sky to watch those blazing balls of light explode in time to John Phillips Souza and Irving Berlin, what crosses through your mind? Do you think to those brave men on that hot and humid day signing a declaration for a new nation? Can you see those valiant men in blue and grey, falling by the thousands on that verdant green field in Gettysburg, so that all men could be free? Are the faces of men storming a beach in Normandy to stop a mad man so the world could be free floating before your eyes? Do you think of the men and women dying and fighting this very night in a far off country?
Remember no matter what problems you might have right now, there will always be something bigger and stronger and more pressing then that small issue you face right now. Take a breathe, step back, and then you will understand. You will know what this day truly means. This Fourth of July. This 234th birthday of our great United States. God Bless America.