Monday, June 07, 2010

Excerpt of Tusk

Here is an excerpt of my newest W.I.P. Hawaiian paranormal...Tusk:

Puna, Hawaii, 500 years ago
The unfathomable pain and revolting aroma of scorched flesh filled the usually sweet tropical air, turning it sour. Pain, no mortal could endure, pushed him past the brink of sanity. Luckily, he wasn’t mortal. His back was on fire, covered in thick lava and flames. Dropping to the ground he routed against the earth in a desperate attempt to put out the fire searing his flesh.
Opening his eyes, the cool soil absorbing some of the pain, he glanced down at his forearms. Beneath the surface of his bronzed flesh, something rolled. His stomach turned as a wave of crippling pain overtook him again. His bones lengthened and curved. A popping sound filled the air and a roar ripped from his throat. He grunted and fought against the change the torture forced his body to make.
His muscular frame bent low to the ground, course fur rippled along his arms, down his torso, and tusks exploded from his lengthening snout. He grunted out, the pain in his back slowly subsiding as the change overcame him.
He stood on all fours, more animal then man and turned his head to the mountain dripping lava down its sides. He cursed silently, the anger and mistrust filling every inch of his brain. She will pay. All women will pay. He was a fool to give his heart. Never love a goddess.

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