Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Do you hear what I hear?

There is a radio station in town that plays nothing but Christmas music up to December 25th. I have to admit I love it. There is something about Christmas tunes that warm my heart and make me feel good. Well most Christmas songs. I could live without hearing the Christmas Shoes or Jingle Bell Rock again. I use to work at a local mall and we had so many damn dancing Santa’s shaking their butts to Jingle Bell Rock one year, I was almost driven to hunt down Peggy Lee and pelt her to death with them.

Truth be told, my favorites are O Holy Night and White Christmas.

There is a line in O Holy Night that gets me every time I hear it and I mean every time. And I mean every time, doesn’t matter if I’m at work, in the car, or sitting at home reading. “Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices” I’m not an overly spiritual woman, at least not since I was 16 and gave up my plans to be a nun, yet this line squeezes my heart. Hard. I think it is the notion that there is something so powerful, so moving that your legs refused to work and you can only kneel. I picture someone so overcome with emotion their legs give out. There is something about that imagine that speaks to the romantic in me, and the believer in me. Good stuff.

What can I say about White Christmas? Bing Crosby. Enough said. I live in Las Vegas, where we rarely get snow, which means we are more Mele Kalikimaka land. This makes the lyrics of White Christmas even truer for me. I AM dreaming of snow…for about a week. Then I remember my college years spent in Reno freezing my butt off in May. Still, White Christmas is so smooth when Crosby sings it you can’t help but sigh a little and reach for a hot coca with a shot of peppermint.

What’s your favorite holiday tune and why?


Amie said...

I'm also a big fan of "O Holy Night." Have you heard Martina McBride's a capella version? Wow!

I think this year's favorite is "O Come O Come Emmanuel." It changes every year.

Amie said...

Oops, forgot the "why" part...I don't think I have ever heard a version of that song that I didn't like. It's peaceful and haunting at the same time. And most importantly, the lyrics speak truth instead of fluff or sickly saccharine sweetness.